45m Couach Fast Fly superyacht

French shipyard Couach Yachts has handed over the recently completed 4400 Fast Fly superyacht to her owner, who is a repeat client of the shipyard. Part of the Chantier Naval Couach brand, the vessel measures 44.8 metres and is built as a smaller sistership to Couach’s 49.5-metre superyachts La Pellegrina and Belongers.

The in-house work completed by the shipyard, from design, engineering and construction, is summed up by Project Coordinator, Jean Yves Corvisier: “I believe that the 4400 FLY is the apotheosis of what we are able to accomplish at Couach. From a design and decoration point of view, as much as from an innovation and technology point of view, an enormous amount has been achieved.


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